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FUCK exams how the word is impacting our world today through interviews, film and television clips, music, and original animation by Bill Plympton. Seriously, let’s see your “the” and “thing” do that.Scholars and linguists examine the long history of fuck. This documentary uses the bomb 857 times, so you know it’s not shying away from its subject matter.See more » : "Fuck off." It's such a lovely pair of words! I don't care where you are - if somebody's fuckin' with your bags in Lhasa Airport in Tibet and he's got a shaven head and saffron clothes on and you say "hey, fuck off! All come off pretty well, doofy conservative arguments notwithstanding.But, man, is it just me, or does Billy Connolly look weirder every year? Add in his sometimes unintelligble Scottish accent, and you get something you’d expect to find in the mines of Moria. His girlfriend is so damn cute and she has a nice, slim and sporty body. Have you ever fantasized about fucking a female police officer or security guard in sexy uniform? Boyfriend fucks his sexy security guard girlfriend in the locker room! This boyfriend went over to his girlfriend’s job to pick her up and walked in on her in the locker room, finding her wearing nothing but her sexy thong and security uniform top, she looked so fucking sexy!Everybody else had already left for the day, so they were alone in the locker room and she decided to seize the opportunity to fulfill a dirty fantasy of fucking with her boyfriend at her job!

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We hear from advocates who oppose fuck and its infringement into our everyday lives. 'Fuck off' doesn't mean 'go away.' 'Fuck off' means 'fuck... Those who think the word’s not all that bad (although perhaps shouldn’t be used anywhere, anytime) seem to make reasoned, thoughtful arguments, but the people watching this movie are probably on that side of the fence already, anyway.

We watch some of the most famous and infamous film and television clips that feature fuck, we hear some... *off.*' And everybody feels what it means, nobody can write it down. [...] See more » A Very Special Double Fuck You To ... (By contrast, the more-conservative voices offering opinions come off as uptight jackasses who want to control everything.) Those interviewed include Janeane Garofolo, Billy Connolly, Bill Maher, Pat Boone, Sam Donaldson, Ice-T, Chuck D, John Crossley, Ron Jeremy, and Tera Patrick.

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This documentary takes a look on all sides of the infamous F-word.